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Chatstep is one of the leading chat service with unique and different offers. The chat is a secured and public chat services available. This is a unique chat service and can be logged in without registration and membership.

The free and interesting Chat Step is also secure but the messages are not encrypted. Here is how it works and complete website Review.

How ChatStep Works

Chat Step is chatting site where you can create public chat room. All you have to do is to provide a name and nick name with an optional password. You will be allowed to enter a public chat room with an id.

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You can share the same id with your friends and then chat. Once you close the room, all the data are erased from the server and next time you would simply repeat the process. It is therefore a great chat service for people who do not love to interact with anyone and everyone.

chatstep rooms

The best part of the Chat Step is that even though the messages are not encrypted but it is absolutely safe. Moreover, one does not really need personal information to get into the public chat room.

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This is unlike other chat services where you need to go through the registration service but here you can avoid the pain here.


ChatStep Review simply consists of two major factors features and privacy. You can make sure to chat with known people by creating a room for an instance and then enjoy the chat with different people.

This is a secure chat service and most importantly free. So, if you are looking for something different and interesting for a group chat with your friends, then this is the best thing you can think of.

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