How to Send Feedback to Omegle

Omegle is constantly growing popular as a roulette chatting platform based on video conference, people who are into such stuff are getting interested in Omegle lately.

There are plenty of people who got banned from Omegle as a result of policy violation or wrong captcha entering, and they can’t find an option to send Omegle a feedback or Email. Omegle has taken away the feedback button, the best way to get in touch with Omegle is to send an email.

How to Send a Feedback

To send a feedback, there’s no other way right now than sending an email to an Omegle staff. Thankfully, although the feedback button isn’t there, there’s still a button called “Send Feedback to Omegle Staff“.

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This button could be used to get in touch with a staff regarding banning issues or service related queries. Omegle staff are quite fast in responding back to the users, however the staff aren’t bound to respond in cases of any ban.

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To send an email, scroll down to the bottom of the main Omegle website and find the button ‘Send Feedback to Omegle Staff‘. Upon clicking, the user would be asked to provide their email address and the message in brief.

Inside the message body, make sure you mention the IP address you use. Once you are done writing everything, click on ‘Send Feedback’.


Sending email to Omegle is easy, but as mentioned earlier – the staff are at liberty to choose whether or not to respond to the emails.

Update: Feedback Button has gone from omegle. No other way to contact them. You can try to contact them from official omegle Facebook page.

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  2. Does anybody know Omegle email because I don’t have Facebook but I was banned so I need to write an apology PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER MY CALL!!!!

  3. i swear im sooo mad right now all i want to do is cuss you people out but what is that going to accomplish…absolutely nothing, so how bout you fix ur captcha shit so i dont have to type it every god damn time just because im ugly. just because i get skipped everytime doesnt mean i should be required to type in some ridiculous captcha every god damn time i get skipped. if u dont fix this shit ur gonna be fucked in the near future

  4. read the fucking comment and fix the shit

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