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Room7 is a well known chat site in the United States and is also popularly used in other parts of the world as well. The site offers online chat through text and video and believes in creating a platform for interaction between people. The site generally caters to all age groups and allows users who are 18 years and above in age due to their privacy policy.

The site has a lot of users and has an estimated worth of $91,350 approximately. The site is a big hit among the youngsters, especially college going crowd.

The basic idea for is to connect people, preferably from other parts of the world too and interact and make friends. The site is easy to use. Once you enter the site, you will directly enter into a group chat window. There are two ways of starting a chat one by logging in as a guest user and second being making a profile on the site.

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Logging in as a guest does not confirm the authenticity and the age criteria, in such case anyone below 18 years of age can log in too so this is one glitch which needs an attention.

On entering the common group chat there are lists of random chat users, you can click on any user you wish to connect and start a text or a web chat right away.

There are many chat rooms available with specific descriptions, if a user wishes to join one they can click on “rooms list” and a join a chat room that pleases them.

Some of the chat rooms are moderated while some are public. In case of moderated chat rooms when joining you can only enter the chat after your request is approved by the moderator. If for any reason you find any inappropriate content you can ignore the person or report him or her.

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Room7 is very convenient to use and is simply designed. The tabs are self explanatory and browsing through doesn’t take long. However, it is suggested to add filters for the above 18 years disclaimer while logging in as a guest user as it keeps up to the policy.

The chat site is hosted and governed by the network called and any concern should be raised with them immediately. Overall the site is simple and good for use.

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