Bazoocam Afrique: Africains Roulette Chat Site

Online video chat with random strangers is becoming more popular than ever. Since the internet bandwidth distribution is getting easier due to advancement in technology every day, more regions that used to be developing are now under strong internet coverage. As a result, the online video chat apps like Chatroulette or Omegle are making their own pace towards every region.

However, these two might be the top contenders but there are other apps in competition. We are about to talk on Bazoocam which has recently made some striking reputations of being a great random video chatting app on the cyberspace.

Bazoocam Afrique is the specialized website made for African region, and one can reach the Afrique website by clicking this link

How to Chat on Bazoocam Afrique?

Chatting on a random video chatting app like the Bazoocam Afrique is quite simple, just navigate to the website and click on the blue prominent ‘Start!‘ button on screen.

The server will take some time to find a pair for you, and once you both are ready the platform would connect you. However, if the users don’t like the other side of the chat, they are at liberty to skip the other side. This could either be you, or the website user in the other side.

Bazoocam Afrique

However, if you prefer talking to people around your region, keep the box checked that says you could chat with people located close to you. However, checking the option would give bazoocam the authority to publish your location name.


Apart from regular conversations, the platform offers tiny one-on-one games like tic-tac-toe, Tetris etc. These games might help the people in both sides to get easy with each other. However, note that site is always moderating the cameras and no one should do anything inappropriate on cameras.


If you prefer the worldwide version, simply click on the website logo on the front page while you’re inside the Bazoocam Afrique page. as a chatting platform is fun and exciting.

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