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The biggest problem with today’s chat rooms and chat websites is the authenticity of the members. This problem is resolved by Bazoocam as it uses web cam and helps in identification of the chat person clearly, before beginning any conversation.

People link on the website for making physical relationships and also long term relationships. They can look at the other person’s appearance first and decide to continue or not. However, this makes it compulsory for an individual to use webcam while chatting.

An individual has to disclose his identity and cannot remain anonymous, which can result in safeguarding the interest of genuine chat users. But, it can hinder the fun element and add hesitance to people, who are conscious of their public image.

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Identify people around you conveniently

The other feature which is similar to the top chat websites is the facility, which identifies people located nearby. With this, maximum users around the locality of an individual can be identified to initiate a relationship as desired by the users.

No ads

Bazoocam has no ads playing, which makes the website pretty clean and less disturbing. The no ad feature also allows websites to load faster even in slow web connections.

Strict monitoring

According to the website, a team of around 40 members monitors the activities of the chat members. They suspend the account of the users, who engage in activities that violate the terms of the website.

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Offending interest of other chat members or using the wrong language or chatting without clothes can attract such consequences. This increases security amongst the chat members and keeps a check on the authenticity of the chat users.

Games to build relationships also features some games, which can be a very good time pass element. Though many website feature games, this website features multiplayer games, which might actually build a relationship between the two chat room users.

Users hesitant in chatting can begin with games to initiate a comfortable relationship with an unknown person. The drawback of this concept is that good internet connectivity on both sides is essential to enjoy these games on a consistent basis. Multiplayer games may be fun, but are time consuming by nature.

Chat in your language

Like most of the chat websites, Bazoocam also features options of setting an individual’s language choice, as the chat language. People can chat in more than 4 languages. However, there are very limited options to customize the chat rooms as per an individual’s whim and fancies. Check out more sites like chatroulette for fun.

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