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Video chatting with strangers is fun and exciting at the same time. There happen to be a lot of platforms that allow users to pick a random user on the internet, and have a conversation with them. If that doesn’t seem to work out, there’s always an option to skip the other user and just move on to the next one. is a video chatting app hosted on a website that works on the same principle, and it’s offered for free. Like many other video chatting programs, this one also follows some rules and protocols to keep the users free from any harassment. The Big Cam is overall safe, secure and full of fun; people interested in video chatting with strangers should keep the website on top of their wish list.

Simple and Accessible for All

The website is a very easy to use application for everyone who has access to fast internet. Since the app involves audio-visual communication, having a fast internet connection and a computer system capable enough to process java and render basic videos is a basic criteria.

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In present days most computers users have computers with such features, hence The BigCam is much accessible for almost everyone. Technology is more interactive now, humans are getting the most out of it through various forms of gadgets we have.

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The basic nature that lies within human instinct to meet with other people who are unknown would be well served on this platform, and the developer team working behind the screen ensures that the video communication remains safe and secure.

Even though we have various forms of video communication devices these days – computers, smartphones, tablets, dedicated consoles etc. yet the Big Cam app is built for the PC users because it’s where most users would feel most comfortable when it comes to video conferencing.


The site comes with a specific set of features. These features are totally user oriented, and caters for most internet users. However, here’s a brief list of the most common ones –

  • It is accessible only for 18+ users: Video communication could get critical and no one under 18+ should be allowed to make an online appearance without adult supervision, and from that point of view the Big Cam developers implemented the 18+ policy. Almost every other random video chatting apps go by the same rule.
  • The Big Cam platform is completely free for everyone on internet. However, people who wish to get premium service for a fraction of payment could avail the VIP membership feature.
  • Within the VIP member account, there are certain number of features like the ability to see other Big Cam user’s snapshots, to make video calls to any online user by their username and to disable the search time limit that’s implied on the free accounts.
  • It is available in multiple languages for maximum reach ability.


If you are looking for a new video chatting based website then the could be an option for you. It’s fast, safe, and overall there’s no complain regarding the service.


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