CamCamCam: French chatroulette to talk with random strangers

Camcamcam is a french video chat site that has some really cool features, which has kept people interested. It is also know as chatroulette of France. The first thing is that, it does not require any registration and one can just go online and begin the video chat.

This process is actually appealing to people, who want to maintain anonymity. This no registration feature has led to a huge pool of users and there is no crunch of people at any point of time.

But, anonymity carries a backlog and the quality of online members might be affected. It is certainly not good for too young people as there is no control over abusive language and offensive behaviour over this chat platform.

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The other striking factor of this site is the ability to chat only with male or female people online. One can set a filter and chat only with female people online, which is a very good feature and saves a lot of time.

Other characteristics

Camcamcam is pretty easy to navigate and use. It is damn easy to set the webcam and begin chatting in a matter of few minutes. There are good number of English users, which opens it up for most countries, around the world.camcamcam video chat

The other thing very nice about the site is in respect to male female ratio. There are good number of female users on the site, almost equivalent to men, which is an important aspect of any video chat site.

The negatives is a great site but lacks games and other entertainment options. Different chat sites have introduced various time pass options, in the form of games to hook people for longer period of time.

This aspect is not present in the website, which is slightly disappointing. Additional features are certainly missing on this site and considering the stiff competition among the chat websites today, it can be a more than deciding factor.

Cam cam cam can be a great alternative to people who want to have fun occasionally, without disclosing their identity. There are certain advantages it hosts, which certainly isn’t applicable on top chat sites also. Therefore, it is a very good video chat platform, to connect with some exciting people all throughout the world.


  1. The site is a scam. They have a fake online counter. They have small team faking female responses using random images from the net. Nice bit of fun but don’t take it seriously. Like your gonna meet anyone near you when its random from across the world.

    • The fI Love you I love Ester from the movie called Orphan. I love WionaRryde Let me Camcamcam. Do you duck well? My name. Is Johnvvv


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