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Camroll is a video chatting website where people get to speak with random people on the internet. It is a website similar to popular video chatting websites like Chatroulette or Omegle, and these sites are getting widely popular worldwide.

Having a conversation with someone just random over a video channel is too much fun, and people love having fun. However, safe video conferencing practice is advised over any video conferencing platform. The interface on Camroll is pretty simple. People get to see each other on video, have voice channel activated for regular conversation, or use the text messaging box to talk via typing.

What is site about?

Basically, it’s about meeting new people without revealing your identity details e.g. age, where you live, what you do, what’s your real name etc. However, upon having a conversation face to face, the users might choose to reveal their identity and continue further of this communication in other social networks, but Camroll is not going to take any liability for that.

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Also, chatting isn’t about meeting multiple people in a chat room. Instead, one user gets to have a conversation with another random person using their webcam. It’s a one to one format conversation, and the identity of these two persons are entirely kept secret initially.

The algorithm of would detect the users that are available for a chat session, and would randomly connect to someone in the system with the same status. The whole process is totally randomized, no person is behind the control of connecting two persons in systems.

What if you don’t like someone after Camroll make a choice for you? Well, if for any reason you can’t like the person on the other side, you get the freedom to skip the person and move on to some other person who would be a random stranger as well. There’s a “Search” button that allows for this feature.


Camroll is free for the guest visitors. Anyone interested can just open the website and pick a random person to chat with. Every feature mentioned above will be available.

However, if one chooses to buy a VIP or premium membership, then they get the ability to find a chat-mate by filtering the person’s age, race, ethnicity etc. However, the design is designed in specific ways to avoid racism of any kind.

With a VIP or Premium membership in this site, the users get the ability to send online gifts and also making a call to a specific username. The latter is apparently the most appealing reason for someone to upgrade to VIP.

Features in Brief:

  • Free Chat: The video chat online is entirely free. No payment would be required for the guest logging in. VIP membership is a different story.
  • Live Video Rooms: The site communities are designed in ways so that everyone can find someone to have an interesting conversation with. Although the conversation won’t be with multiple person at a time, yet the video chat rooms are certainly excellent.
  • Send Gifts, Make Calls: This feature is only available for the VIP membership holders.
  • Skip a user: If the chosen person by website isn’t really your type, you can skip anytime to the next person in queue.


Randomized video chatting platforms had always been entertaining, and if you are looking for a new app in similar kind then is a great option.


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