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Chat Avenue is one of the best chatting sites I have come across; the virtual platform has a place to accommodate everyone and anyone. The homepage of the website gives you 15 options to select from such as general chat, adult chat, kids chat, video chat, music chat, boys chat and much more.

You can join the room you are inclined towards and there is absolutely no need to register yourself. However, there are certain rules that have been made to be followed else you will be banned.

Rules pertaining to not disturb people if they are not interested to talk to you, report any problems to the admin immediately if you are not comfortable, the website discourages people to exchange personal details like phone numbers and address, which according to me is good.

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Because you never know who is behind the screen and it’s advisable to take necessary precautions. Once you join the group you are interested in, the new screen will take about a minute to load, don’t worry it will be faster the next time you visit site.

chat avenue chatting rooms

Once you are in you will have all the people online on the right side and a common chat platform where everyone will be posting messages about themselves. So you can randomly click on anyone person and start chatting. The option of video chat is also there and it’s at your discretion if you want to do it.

Also read: Chatous: Random Chat With People is one of the perfect platforms to have casual conversation with random strangers from the world, it’s fun and addictive. Chat avenue is nicely designed mostly using black and grey colour that gives a very enigmatic look. If you wish to explore other groups an option is there right below your message typing space simply click on it and you will be redirected to the home page.

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  1. Before I came to I was introduced to chat av.

    I used video chat on there once and someone got me banned for nothing.
    All they said was that I was naked in a public chat room (I was not)

    Anyway, the mods didn’t bother checking my cam and they banned me. I tried complaining on the forums but my account was banned from there too. So I made another account and complained. Finally, after a day my previous account was unbanned. I never went to that chat room again.

    I tried to get the liar banned but the mods were blind to my requests…

    All I can say is – be careful.

  2. i’m having problems in college chat chat avenue with the admin named Miranda. she has me and one other girl kos but all the guys are off kos and it doesn’t matter what they do. it’s like they’re allowed to get naked on cam and do whatever they want to us women and she doesn’t care. she needs to be fired. and i’m going to keep making these reviews until she is fired cuz I should NOT still be kos while the guys are off. that’s just messed up. he’s gotten naked on cam and spammed my address and threated to find my work and send my there. it needs to stop. I’ve been kos for 5 months and there’s no reason for me to still be kos. fire miranda or I will keep making these reviews. I think she’s having with all the trolls. she sure helps them a lot.

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