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Chatting is one of the most enjoyable pastimes on internet. There used to various IRC and instant messaging platforms in the past, which are now mostly replaced with social networking based messaging platforms.

However, now the internet has some chatting platform which does not require any signing up or registration of any sort, one can just start writing to someone else by using a username and that’s all.

Chatblink is one of these platforms where one can meet some random stranger, and upon some opinion sharing they could become really good friends even in real life! If you are looking for an online chatting platform without any commitment, this website could be your next platform to try out.

Chatblink is a Free Platform

Chatting on chat blink is entirely free, there’s no charge to be paid and not even a sign up is necessary. Anyone can become friends in the blink of their eyes – apparently that’s the background theme of naming this online chatting platform.

How to Chat on Chatblink

Chatting on Chatblink is pretty easy. Just navigate to the website and you would be presented with a large signing up sheet up front. Don’t worry, if you don’t want a one-to-one private chat no registration is required.

chatblink random chat

Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on the links like ‘Random Chat’ or ‘Chat Rooms’, you should be taken to a new page with some available options. You could pick a username or just use the Chatblink provided one and start chatting right away.

Although the chatting is random, Chatblink servers find and sort out people from regions close to you. If you are logged in from Asia, chances are you will see plenty of Asians in any chat rooms you join.


For some idle passing time, is one of the best online chatting platforms. If you prefer chatting with someone personally, you need to sign up then.


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