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Random chatting with strangers using text, audio and video is becoming the new trend. In fact, it has already become a trend. The beginning had taken place few years back with platforms that are highly reputed and well known now, but they aren’t available throughout the world.

Maybe some regions are fortunate enough, but the rest needs to rely on some other chatting platforms. While Chatgig wasn’t really built to fill up the regional void, yet it occurs that it works in places where few other random chatting platforms don’t reach.

If you want to start roulette chatting for fun, then you could have your first try with


Chatgig is a web based chatting platform where one gets to pick a random partner and have a conversation.

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It’s simple, just load the website on your web browser and the screen would ask for a nickname you want to use while chatting, your gender and which chat room you want to join.

chatgig video chat

However, the directives about hiding your gender while joining a chat room is highly discouraged. Any male who has selected ‘female‘ in their joining option would be blocked by their IP address.

Is Chatgig Safe?

About the community in Chatgig, the authority puts their best effort to keep the chatting ecosystem safe and decent. No adult chatting is allowed in any form, also no nudity would be allowed to pass through the Chatgig servers. Once the admins detect any such activities, the offending users would get permanently blocked by their IP address.

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Also, the chat platform itself is safe as well. The technology they use keeps the hackers and other ‘bad people‘ on internet away from affecting any website user’s computer.


Chatgig allows a decent chatting experience for free – anyone interested is suggested to visit the website as mentioned above.


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