How to Fix captcha problem on Omegle

Among all the free chat sites, Omegle is one of the most popular ones. Though the website chooses random users in the chat session, when you log in but the users have the freedom of choosing the video option also. Omegle also has its share of problems, captcha being the most annoying in that list.

Omegle’s defense in support of captcha is that through this it tries to protect the site from spammers and provide the desired security for the video chat. What the site fails to understand that at times innocent user gets caught in the tangle.

Captcha does not allow the user to chat on the website for a long period or continuously. The user may also fail to understand the numbers and pictures very well, hence they need to enter the codes every time.omegle captcha every time

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So again, you are blocked for clicking the next button too many times and your IP is blacklisted. Well, there are methods by which you can fix the captcha problem.

Let us tell you how to disable captcha on omegle…

  1. The best method would be to contact with the Omegle staff by sending the feedback. Visit the Omegle home page and click on the feedback button. Need not be rude, just describe to them that you are not a spammer, by profession or hobby. Then ask them to bypass captcha on Omegle.
  2. Another method would be to change your IP address. As Omegle normally blacklist the IP address, you might try to change that. Try by switching off your modem and restarting it, alternatively you may ask your internet provider to do the same.
  3. Run a virus scan on your computer, with an antivirus program. At times it so happens, you get captcha problems because of virus issues. Try cleaning it and see whether it works.
  4. Try Web Proxies also if they have blocked your IP address, there are several web proxy websites on the internet, try connecting to the site with a different IP. When they run a check on, your IP address, they will see the proxy site IP address. If one does not work, you may try out several proxy, websites at one point of time.

Well try out the options, hopefully one of them will work out to your benefit, but if everything else fails, think seriously about using some other chat sites listed in our website. Trust me the net is teeming with them.


  1. I’m not an every day user, but I do go on for fun sometimes. I can tell you I’m not a robot, so getting rid of the captcha problem would be EXCELLENT. Thank you.

  2. These captcha are not fair to us regular folks. There are too many spam boys but they dont get banned. Please go after the REAL violators! can you please lift the captcha off? its unfair, especially when im not a bot

  3. Please be so kind to remove the captcha, i am not a robot and i find it troublesome that i have to solve a captcha every time i want to chat. Thank you so much.

  4. I am not a robot or a spammer can you please remove my IP, I have met many wonderful friends on here. I was accidentally put on the blacklist.

  5. I am not a robot omegle, everyday I get captcha for every single chat I bypass. Even when it not happens, it happens again after a while chatting. Fix that, please.

  6. Hey,i’m using omegle for a while and it’s very funny,i was using normally but the moment i next the person appeared a capchta,i though it was normal and just one time,but every single time the capchta appears again,it’s really annoying and u toke off the feedback button so i can’t solve the problem like this,i tried everything,please i’m not a smammer and no a robot ,and this really diminishes the fantastic view I had on the site,before this problem I told everyone about how incredible it was,now it’s awful,you should pay more attention on real spammers and robots and less attention on innocent people,now I see that y IP is on “blacklist” and I can’t do nothing.

    Please solve this problem,thank u

  7. I am not a robot omegle, everyday I get captcha for every single chat I bypass. Even when it not happens, it happens again after a while chatting. Fix that, please.

  8. Hi, I’m not a spammer it would be nice if you stopped the captcha, it is also a tiny box and you cant see the numbers you need to type out. I’m not an everyday user I go on it rarely for fun. I’m not a bot I’m a 13 Year old boy

  9. Please helpe me. Everytime i skip to the next usen on OMEGLE i get this captcha.
    I do not understand why, but please fix this for me?

  10. will you be so kind and stop (remove) the captcha on Omegle, sincerely I am not a robot or spammer. Thank you for your help.

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