How to Fix Chatiw is not working in Your Country

Chatiw is one of the most popular chatting sites on web at present time. But, many users are facing problem while using this website.

Here are most common issues:

1. Banned from the site.
2. The site is not loading properly.
3. The site is restricted in your country.

In this article, I am going to share 100% working method for solving all problems listed above.

Chatiw is restricted in some countries like India, Pakistan and many others. You can bypass both restriction and ban problems by using free vpn proxy services. Follow these steps:

  •  First you have to install free web proxy extensions to your browser. I often use “hide my ass” or ” Hola proxy“. I am using chrome browser, but you can follow same steps for Mozilla and other web browsers.
  • From left corner of the tab of the chrome browser, click “more tools“and open “extensions“.

chrome extensions

  • Now from the bottom of the that page, click the link “get more extensions

click more extension

  • Now in chrome web store, search for “Unlimited Free VPN – Hola” and click “add to chrome“.

hola proxy for chrome

  • Now open and select different country from the hola tab. For example, I am selecting “USA” country. Now you will be able to access the website without any issue.

select your country hola

Other Methods:

  1. Clear browser cookies and cache.
  2. Change your internet ip address.
  3. Reset the modem setting.

Watch out Video instructions below:


  1. I am from India and chatiw was not working. Thank you, Its working now with the help of this tutorial.

  2. I,ve tried everything still no go, i´ve seen through tutorial a couple of times did exactly the same and no go. I´m from Portugal, have been using this site for years no problems until about a month ago. I even thought there was a problem on their side. Appreciate if you can help me, i got no reply from chatiw helping desk. Thanks

  3. please open blocked account for me please ..why u blocked me i don’t know the reason .please help me to activate it again.. regards

  4. None of them is my issue. The problem is the I’m not a robot thing is not working on chatiw and I can’t get in. It just says pls complete the security check to access chatiw but nothing comes up to complete. I’m tired of this annoying thing. Please help me to know what’s the problem and how it could be solved.

  5. The I’m not a robot this doesn’t work. It says pls complete the security check to access chatiw but nothing comes up. What to do ?! What’s the problem ?!

  6. Am not from Norway. Am from the Philippines. In my profile, I can not change my location or country.

  7. Im on chat.iw and its lets me log in just fine but after that it just shows the loading sign and doesnt stop. I have tried resarting my phone disconnecting wifi and going on agian removing up removing cookies and history still nothing. I have contacted the help desk 2x and i would like some help. I was chatting with a guy and we are very serious but i couldnt show up on time if it doesnt work. Can you please help?!

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