How to Fix Omegle Black Screen Problem

Black screen issue on Omegle is very common. Among different roulette chatting websites, Omegle is one of the top listed and most popular websites because they have been in the competition for long, so people know about Omegle more than the other platforms.

However, if you are trying to use Omegle on a computer or smartphone device and the black screen problem is bothering you, then here are some fixes for you to try.

omegle black screen fix

The Omegle black screen issue is mostly caused by network troubles and sometimes the configuration on a computer, however the fixes would cover pretty much all of them.

Follow these steps to fix black screen problem on omegle:

1. USe VPN

Those who use a Virtual Private Network to tunnel their data traffic, might encounter trouble with Omegle and have black screens. Not all VPNs support roulette chatting platforms like Omegle.

2. Cookies Away

Cookies are important for smooth usage of internet on your computer, but sometimes cookies do store improper data and configuration eventually ending up in a black screen on Omegle. Try clearing the cookie and cache from your browser settings. You would have to re-login to all your accounts.

3. Different Internet Browser

Try a different internet browser than the one you use daily. Very often the browsers are corrupted or don’t support on-board video conversation.

4. Clean your Computer from Residues

Do a clean-up on your computer. This may not seem very relevant, but cleaning the cache and cookies and other residual files from a computer system has proven to be a good troubleshooting method against Omegle black screen issues.

5. Verify with your ISP

If none of the above turns out useful, contact your ISP whether they have blocked any specific video protocol or the whole Omegle platform.


Assessing these conditions, an Omegle user may reach a solution about the black screen.

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