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It’s been a decade since the first anonymous chat was introduced. These chatting serves gained a lot of popularity because the personal information of the user was secure.

To use this server, there was no registration required and this worked as a major advantage because a lot of people are not comfortable in sharing personal details over the web. These types of the website provide a secure platform to people who are willing to make friends.

One such site is Omegle and it is highly popular among the people. Hey-people.com is another site which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. In this article, we have reviewed the site so read on for a complete review of this amazing chat server.

About Hey People

The website claims this to be an experimental project the website clearly states that it is a non-commercial project. As per the website, the site is based on a pending patent of a random chat and broadcasting service. The name of the broadcasting service is peoplezapping.com and it was released in 2008.

Terms and Conditions

The website has a simple and short list of terms and conditions that are applicable to the experimental project. Following are the conditions.

The user should be 18 years old.
The website holds no responsibility for content showed by another user.
The administrator has the right to disconnect a user without any intimation.

How does it work?

This is a really reliable and better website than Omegle. There are certain reasons for it. To start a chat, you can simply register with a username and a password. You don’t have to mention any email or any other detail apart from a random username.

hey people random chat

Once you have registered, you can simply log in and click on the ‘start‘ button. This connects you to a chat. A panel for video chat is displayed in the center and on the right side, there is a panel for the text chat. It is possible to disable the camera and the microphone.

One of the major advantages of this server is that you can either blacklist people or you can add people as a friend. This feature is not available on a lot of websites and hence this is a USP of this amazing website. If you feel uncomfortable with a user, you can click the blacklist button under the video panel.

This will ensure that you are not connected with the same user ever again. Whereas if you feel like connecting to a certain user again, you can add him/her as a friend by clicking on the friendship button. The friend’s list is displayed under the chat panel and you can connect to your friends when they are online.

Another advantage of this website is the absence of bots. Almost every chatting server is flooded with chat bots and it can be really frustrating to chat with the bots. Hence the website uses an algorithm to avoid bots from coming online. As per the final verdict, the website is really better than other chatting websites but the only drawback of this site is the lack of awareness about the server.


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