How to Get Free Credits on IMVU

If you seek for quality time pass online, then IMVU could get you through. In simplest terms, IMVU is a website where people get to meet each other and chat and play games together, all online.

Instead of real photos of people, they would use 3D avatars to visually describe themselves and find a ‘friend‘ to interact with like any other social media. Also, there’s a whole lot of virtual stuff, precisely little above six million in number.

According to the company’s statistics, IMVU now has a little more than 50 million active registered users and around 10 million people pay a visit to this platform every month. IMVU was founded the same year as Facebook, 2004. Although the development had not been on the same levels, yet people find IMVU entertaining enough.

Should you sign up for IMVU?

Apparently, IMVU isn’t really open for people of all ages. The age restriction is set at 13+, meaning one has to be at least 13 if they want to open an account.

According to company information, most of the users at IMVU belongs to the 18-24 years of age range, and a little beyond 10% of users are around the 35 years age range.

earn free credits on imvu

Plenty of new people aging around 15 sign up for IMVU and stays for the rest of the time, apparently the IMVU interface is lovable like that.

Use IMVU Globally

IMVU is a global platform, although it is USA based anyone located USA would be able to use this website to meet and greet with new people online.

As Windows and Macintosh both platforms are supported by this platform, a very wide number of people may be reached through IMVU.

What are IMVU Credits?

Although using IMVU is free, there’s an option where the users can purchase credit scores to purchase the virtual goods in the IMVU platform. Upon signing up for IMVU, a user would receive 1000 credits for initial purchases – to make the user have good enough credits to get going.

However, later on the user would have to purchase more credit scores for purchasing digital goods, this is how IMVU would make money. There are four easy ways on the IMVU website to earn more credit scores for free without any downloads, if you don’t want to spend money.

How to Get Credit Scores on IMVU for free?

Here are the four authorized and easy ways to get imvu credits for free :–

  1. Completing an Offer: The IMVU website has few offers which the visitors can complete, and in return the website would reward a user’s ID with free credit scores. The number of credit scores attainable through this method is 1000+.
  2. By Watching a Video: IMVU platform has few video based commercials and marketing materials, by watching those an IMVU user could earn 10 credits per video, or even more. The videos are frequently updated so a user can earn a lot every day. Its easy way to get credits without doing survey.
  3. Inviting People to IMVU: For each referral through emails to friends, an IMVU user could earn 10+ free credit scores when people join the platform. There could be unique gifts as well.
  4. Daily Login Rewards: By logging into IMVU every day, a user can earn up to 500+ credit scores, the number of scores would vary.


Earning free credit scores on IMVU is easy, but the users would have to be consistent using the platform. The above mentioned methods would be helpful.

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