How to Get Premium Token Codes for Chatroulette

High speed internet has spread pretty well across the world, and people are looking for ways to meet new people. Chatroulette is a very recent trend of anonymous video chat online; even though it begins anonymous initially, the participants can later share details and become buddies.

There have been cases where two people have formed an affection and eventually got into relationship through Chatroulette conversations, so there’s no way one can take this network lightly. Even though it’s a free network to begin with, few premium features only work with paid tokens. There are few ways of generating premium tokens on Chatroulette, this article discusses those ideas briefly.

Why would someone need premium tokens?

Opening the Chatroulette platform and getting into a conversation doesn’t require any financial involvement, why would then someone want to purchase premium tokens for a specific amount? Well, if one wants to video chat with only a specific type of people then these premium tokens would be required.

For example, if you are looking for females to talk with, you would need premium tokens to define females as your partner before you begin your chat. Different other options like age, region etc. could be selected as well. Since these services are quite exclusive, one has to pay a remarkable amount of money to avail this service.

Chatroulette offers two types of premium connections. The first one costs less, only $10 and provides 100 premium tokens for 100 conversations. And the higher tier option costs $50 with 500 premium connections. We would recommend buying the higher tier tokens because the first time you buy 100 connections, they would probably run out in an hour. With the $50 plan, the connections are likely to last few days depending on how desperate you are to meet someone new.

Premium Token Purchase

Buying these tokens are easy through Chatroulette platform. A member chatroulette account would be required on the website to begin with. Registration is easy and if you had signed up for any online subscription based service before, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Especially focus on the email address as you would need access to the defined account for activating your Chatroulette subscription.

chatroulette token codes

Using the new account credentials you have just created, log into

Chatroulette platform. Click on Premium which leads to the premium token options with two options – $10 and $50 tokens. Click on one as you wish, the purchase transaction will be made. A code will be provided, copy and save to someplace safe.

Now on the Chatroulette conversation window select Premium and when asked for the coupon, paste it there. Now you are eligible to get a premium access to Chatroulette.

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Few Policies

Chatroulette is fun and often very explicit, but every member is advised to remain within decent limit on this network. If 3 reports are submitted against one Chatroulette profile the account would be taken down from the network without making any cash refund for the premium connections. Thus, be careful of your reputation on Chatroulette.

How to get token codes for free?

There are many free chatroulette token code generator sites available on internet. Get token codes from those sites and apply on chatroulette. It may works.


Now that you have premium connections on Chatroulette, enjoy your time. You would certainly have lots of new friends within a short span of time!


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