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If You love to chat with your friends and unknown persons, then Iwebcam.com is right platform for you. Some day ago we have posted review on room7 which is part of this network. The Website provides platform for you to chat with number of people face to face over the internet. It is an instant social networking where you can chat with friends and people all over the world instantly by using “chat now” option.

With the added features like personalized chat room, many to many chatting experience and website embedded chat code, iWebcam website succeeds to be different from other website providing video chat. Upgrading the account will add more features for the easy and convenient chat.

Iwebcam has also the facility to create own chat room. Each profile holder can design their own chat rooms as per their need. Profile is assigned with that room with their username. User can configure thus assigned room by clicking on create room.

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While configuring the chatting rooms, make sure that you give a proper title to the chat room which will be helpful for you to recognize that room. Chat rooms can have one to many type or many to many type of chatting. As the room host user have privilege to select type of chat room as per requirement.

To make the chat room user friendly and attractive, user can select a design among various designs given on the configuration page. Each user of the chatting room can select their own chatroom skin from setting tab.

iwebcam chat rooms

Most important aspect while using internet is the security and confidentiality. iWebcam has the password protection for the rooms. Password restricts access to the room. User can upgrade their account by paying some credit monthly.

After upgrading account one can add their personal room link to a website. Room host has the power to block or unblock participants in the chat room created by room host. Room host can access such control options by clicking on username on the upper right corner.

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Admin of room can ignore participant of the chat room. The participant who is ignored can’t have access to the text or the broadcast stream of the chatroom. Also other participants have the authority to ignore participant they want to. Ignored user then can’t text or broadcast to that particular person who ignored him.

A drop down list is placed on the user profile picture. This drop down list contains all the various control options and various functions. Embedded code is provided with the chat room which helps to easily embed chat room just by doing a copy and paste operation.


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