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Chatting with a random and unknown person can be fun. Omegle Indonesia is a popular online chatting portal that lets you meet new people and also make friends on the go. You can start a conversation with a complete stranger and eventually become friends. It simply lets you express your thoughts and opinions with someone.

Many a times, it is very essential to let your thoughts out and Omegle Indonesia helps you do that. You can keep your original identity a secret or disclosed it to enjoy chatting. Moreover, you can chat with strangers with similar likes and dislikes. There are two sites with same name: Cha-id and nagichat.


This website uses cutting edge technology that features a smooth and user friendly interface that makes it easy even for the novice users to browse the website with ease. It makes the process of meeting a stranger online and making friends quick and easy. You can even start chatting without registering with the website.

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If you wish, you can add interests and dislikes. This will in turn help the website to find a suitable person of similar likes and dislikes. Nagichat or Chat-id is a clean chat room and does not entertain any bad contents. It will help you make friends of your age.

You can chat with both girls and boys. Another great feature of this website is that you can make a video call with the person in the chat room. This will help you understand and know the person in more details. This also helps in creating a strong bond with the person you are chatting and you may even become best friends.

omegle indonesia nagi chat

How do I start chatting?

Firstly, you need to visit the Omegle Indonesia website. You can then click on start chatting and the website will select a random person and allocate it to you for chatting.

In case you do like the conversation, you can click on discontinue and get rid of the person. Besides, when you insert your interests and dislikes, the website will find a suitable person that matches your requirement for an interesting conversation ahead.


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