Sites Like Tinychat | Best Tinychat Alternatives is the chatting website which is quiet popular formally. But change is the need of world and users are getting bored of such chatting without extra features. Tinychat has the chatroom option for convenience but users are searching for chatting website which has all such basic features with added flavors of extra functions. Such extra features will be useful for making chatting a bit more cool. Here we came with such alternative websites information for you people.

1. Wowchat

Wowchat is a latest tinychat alternatives which gives all basic features to chat with strangers. User can opt for audio chat by texting or for video chat by using webcam. With these features user can experience live online video steaming feature. Using this live streaming user can launch their own channel over the internet.

As per their need they can use this channel for showing their extra ordinary personality. Live streaming channels can be used for showcasing their own talent. They can also entertain people with this channel as a comedy channel or as a feat tapping music collections.

With such fantastic facility wowchat website is popular all among the range of people from the world. But as the English is the primary language used in the website, English speaking areas are the main visitors of this website.

2. Skype

Skype is one of the best known website like tinychat loved by users all over the world. Skype is fast and easy to use website which is the reason of its popularity. You can make a video call to the person at other end using webcam.

Skype provides high quality video streaming to chat live over the seas. Skype has no activation charges which kept it affordable for use. Skype costs by the policy of pay as you go. Skype has more than 170 countries and regions for subscription.

tinychat alternatives

3. Tokbox is another good site in sites like tinychat list which has the best GUI interface with high quality video chatting facilities. Graphics such as buttons and textbox guide user to use this website. You can search your friend who is already tokbox member. One can add friend to their profile just by clicking single button at the bottom.

Tokbox has the facilities which can be used for purpose such as counseling, speeches and teaching methods. Counselings and all other mentioned purposes can take advantage of site as it provides 200 members participation at a time. After free trial period you can enjoy added features of the at affordable cost.

4. Oovoo website is a well known platform for making video call to contacts you have using your webcam. With the high quality of video calls it manages to give a real time experience of speaking face to face with the person at the other end. You can make a video call only if your contact person is online at that moment.

You don’t have to worry if your contact person doesn’t have oovoo with him, still you can make a video call through added feature called web call. Its an user friendly website so its very easy to handle and enjoy your chatting.

5. Iwebcam

Iwebcam is another alternative to tincychat which helps you to chat with your friends by using available open chat rooms. No need to download any extra software’s to start with Iwebcam.

just plug in your webcam and make sure it works properly with your system. After attaching your working webcam you are all set to start a video chat. You can join any open chat room on the website.

When you start a video chat with any open chat room you get directly connected to the other online members on the website. If you want to change chatroom you just have to click on next button.

You can also go for your private chat room. Create a chat room name it and email your friends to join your chat room. This is also as simple as joining an open chat room.

6. Shockrooms

Shockroom is one of the best tinchat alternatives which let you find friends over here to chat with. Without any registration process you can enter into the chatting fun as a guest login. You can join in the chat rooms already created on the website.

You can see this chat rooms in the tab named live chat. Website also has one to one chatting facility. As you enter the website you can see the users online at that moment. You can select among these users and start chatting. Chat rooms has the information of number of boys and number of girls who joined chat room. This can help you to select chat room.


  1. In above list none of the site similar to tinychat. All are completely different. Update correct information.

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  4. There’s definitely a lot to find out sites similar to tinychat.
    I really like all sites listed above.

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