How to use Spy mode on Omegle

Omegle is one of the best platform to chat with strangers from different part of the world. The website offers different type chat rooms. Text, video and student college chat are most popular chat rooms of the website.

This platform comes with a spy mode as well which is a part of the text conversation; we have described the whereabouts and how to use omegle spy mode.

What is Spy(question) Mode in Omegle?

It’s a useful feature which has been introduced quite a long time ago, even though there are many people who doesn’t know how to use spy mode on Omegle.

The spy mode access button isn’t out in the public. It is, but unless someone knows where exactly to find it they can’t find it – that’s why the new Omegle users and those who rarely uses Omegle for a fun chatting experience don’t know where to find the spy mode entrance.

In spy mode, the third participant as in the spy mode user get to see the conversation between stranger 1 and stranger 2 in text format. There would”t be any option to answer to their conversation, but the spy mode user can certainly post a question about the ongoing conversation.

How to Enter Omegle Spy Mode

To initiate the spy mode questioning facility, an Omegle user first needs to connect to the Omegle main interface. There isn’t any login option because the chat setup is completely anonymous, thus the users don’t really need to input any credential.

However, the website will probably use some cookie and store your location information for their own tracking purpose; the other user won’t receive any information about you.

use omegle spy mode

In the main interface, there are two buttons – Text and Video. Underneath the Text option, there’s an option that offers spy mode. A user that accesses as a spy can’t take active part in a text conversation, they can only ask a question which might or might not be taken by the stranger 1 and stranger 2 in an active conversation as a discussion topic. The spy user can’t actively take part in their conversation.

If the question is good or interesting enough, Omegle might reuse the question as a discussion topic. However, the spy user has the discretion to allow Omegle to reuse the question. Unless the spy mode user checks the box that allows Omegle to use the spy’s question, it won’t be used. The feature is pretty neat and complete.


Omegle is a fun platform, with spy mode discussion everything becomes even more enjoyable.


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