Top 5 ChatRandom Alternatives

People are addicted to chatting and video chats are a norm now days. They are effective and it’s interesting to see someone distant staying loved ones talking in front of you! And if we talk about random video chats, they are just a new found fad among the most social animals on earth. With the mention random video chats, the very first name that comes to the mind is Chatrandom.

The website has been leading and the biggest player in video chat market for long, but recently has started losing its users and the reason is very obvious. The site has implemented and forged unnecessary restrictions and many of the users are being banned for ridiculous reasons.

Getting banned from a random video chat is something that doesn’t get well with its users and seems outrageous to them. Instances like getting banned just because the camera was pointed towards a wall or the camera was dark or just about anything seems insulting and humiliating to many.

top chatrandom alternatives

People are mocking that it seems like that Chatrandom is meant for the perfect people who have perfect camera and poses. Not only this, Chatrandom has rolled out numerous changes to video chat models and policies which have eliminated user anonymity and thus offending their choices.

Solution: How to unban yourself from chat rooms

Chatrandom seems to be banning everyone now days and this has woken up and gave a sizeable boost to other alternative for random video chats. Here is a quick look at the 5 best alternatives to Chatrandom.

1. Chatous

It is a famous social discovery and chat platform which allows chatting with people all over the world. You can message, video chat, find people interested in the topics you love via hashtags and more to explore! You can even share YouTube videos in chat.

2. Mnogochat

Mnogo chat is a good chatrandom alternative to Communicate with known and people of the world with web camera. The website has users from all over the world and comes at free of cost.

3. Chatrad

A reliable alternative to chat random site, but with an all new visions. They are very strict and moderate the profile eliminating those who misbehave or expose themselves. The website is highly recommended for those who love clean and chatty relation over the Internet.

4. Tohla

One of the greatest ways to meet new strangers round the world is through Tohla. You can have one on one chat, talk to different people and have random chats at free of cost.

5. Omegle

One of the oldest and strongest alternatives to Chatrandom is Omegle which is rising by leaps and bounds and is greatest now. It enables you to connect and cam with those who share interests as yours and is a major hit!

So, keep chatting and meeting new people without getting banned and offended with these chatrandom alternatives.


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