How to unban yourself from chat rooms

Chat rooms are used to share information with a large group of users in the text form, on the internet, and this makes it another useful innovation related to web technology. It is different from instant messaging in respect that it enables you to be connected to a large group of users rather than one to one conversation, which is generally done with the former.

A similar connection or shared interest is the basis of users being linked with each other in a chat room, while there are some others which cater to the users with varied interests. The popularity of chat rooms has made users employ innovations such as use of webcams and sharing of files, which helps them establish stronger and more tangible connections.

There is a certain etiquette related to use of chat rooms, such as users are discouraged from using abusive language or giving negative comments. All those who are found not obeying these rules and etiquette can be banned temporarily or permanently from a chat room.

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They can however, regain entry into it by having themselves unbanned, for which they have to fulfill certain requirements. In case you are looking to do the same, certain simple steps can help you in this regard, even if you are not able to contact the administrator of the chat room.

banned from chat room

How to unban yourself from a chat room?

The basic requirements for unbanning yourself from a chat room are the IP address you had been using at the time the ban was placed on you, along with a dynamic IP address. Next, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Disconnect from the net, for which the broadband users would have to turn the modem off. It can be done by right clicking the Internet icon or closing the toolbar, in case you are using internet access software.
  2. Now connect again using a different access number. In case you are broadband user, you would have to turn the modem on once again and wait for it to establish a connection.
  3. Ensure that the new IP address is not the same one that was banned earlier.
  4. Now you can easily get back to the chat room and reconnect.

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Here are some useful tips to help you out while unbanning yourself from a chat room:

  • In case, you are a member of such a chat room which bans only the user names, the simplest way to get unbanned is to connect using a different user name.
  • In case an error with a bot has been the reason of your getting banned, send it a command might be helpful enough to bypass the ban.
  • If these things are not good enough, try to get back in the chat room with the help of a proxy server. You can use different proxy extensions for Mozilla and chrome browser.
  • If you have been banned on account of a intentional malicious act, it can lead to prosecution as you are responsible for illegal harassment. In such an event, even if you unban yourself, you will be banned again very soon.
  • An ISP can also be totally banned by the administrator of the chat room, though such an act is very rare. When it happens, you would have to switch over to another service provider if you want to make it back in the chat room.

All these tips and tricks would be useful in helping you gain access back into a chat room after being banned.


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