4 Quick ways to get unbanned from omegle

Omegle is one of the popular chatting portal that lets you free chat with strangers and make new friends. The support team of Omegle continuously monitor the chats and keep sharp eye on the spammers to ensure smooth and clutter free operation. If they find any spammers, they ban the account of that users. Besides, there are several other reasons that can ban your account from this chatting portal. Take a look at several tips that can help you to get unbanned from omegle.

Ask the customer care representative

If you are ban from the site and you wish to unban, contact the customer care service team by using “omegle feedback form“. You can send them an email asking the reason as to why they have banned you. If the mistake is genuine, apologize and request them to unban. This team will revert with answers to all your questions in just sometime.

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Connect with proxy IP

If you are finding it difficult to connect to the website, you may use proxy IP. You can find the proxy address of the website easily over the Internet and use the same to connect to Omegle. This enables you to connect to the website through a third party server. This means, when you connect to the site, it will receive the IP address of that third party server. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of connecting to the site and to unban yourself.

unbanned from omegle

Connect with different IP address

If your IP address is ban, you may try connecting the site with some other IP address. You may use your friend’s computer or laptop to connect to the site. Moreover, you can visit a cyber cafe for the same and browse the website with ease.

Change dynamic IP address

If you are using a dynamic IP address for Internet connection, then you can simply disconnect it. You can even change the address via the modem setting and set a new address and then try connecting to Omegle website. It is very easy to find the IP address of your computer. All you need to do is type ipconfig in the command prompt and you will get the desired address.

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These are few tips that can help you to remove the ban from Omegle and enjoy video chatting and meeting new people on the go.


  1. i am banned in omegle .please i am sorry help me to unbanned from it by this will i cause any problem please reply me……. please help me i am sorry i wont do it again………..

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  3. I got banned from Omegle right after a 50 year old man said he wanted to **** my mouth I believe that is unfair that I was ban for doing nothing but skipping a guy who said that to me

  4. I was banned for insulting, but i didn’t insult anyone. Here’s my apologies and i wanna get unbanned. Please unban me. Thank u

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