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USAChatNow is a brand new online chatting platform, to give the people a dose of nostalgia. The earlier days in chatting had indeed been sweeter enough to make people still remember them and reminiscent the past. Now chat clients have gone mostly smartphone based, since people like taking their conversations with them on the move.

Everyone would keep their heads down to their phones or tabs and not notice the people in real life – that’s tad bit pathetic. However, the USA Chat Now developers had ‘reaching people through old school techniques‘ in mind and hence the birth of this chat platform happened. As the name suggests, the chatting platform is basically USA based.

Let the chitchat begin!

You can literally start chitchat without even having to open a new user account. However, you don’t get access to many useful features if you choose to chat as a guest user. Registered users need to put up their photos to show to the world; however USAChatNow platform hasn’t made it a mandatory requirement. No offensive photos in the display won’t be tolerated either, as per the USA Chat Now policy.usa chat now

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Your username in USA Chat Now is your chatting ID. No matter what ID you choose, if it’s available in the server would be allocated to the new or guest users. It’s advised to pick up a decent user ID.

Expected Behavior in USAChatNow Chat Rooms

The chat rooms are public. Whatever someone writes is visible to everyone logged into the chat room. Basically the USAChatNow rooms are popular with the young people, mostly mid-teens. Since it’s kind of an under-aged zone; decent behavior would be appreciated. Mild vulgarism could be okay, but not anything above the comfortable range.

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Even though there happens to be few bugs still present in the USAChatNow system, we are still hopeful about this being one most popular online chatting client. The drawbacks would hopefully be solved within time and make an even better place to buzz.

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    • Hi sir wish that you are okay! N in good condition. Actually, i am looking for a true n honest friend. Take care n god bless you.

  2. its very good to chat with strangers from all over the world without knowing one another.

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