3 Video Chat Sites that are better than Omegle

Omegle is one of the famous online chat services in the world. However, different people have different objectives and comfort levels, which might make Omegle unsuitable for them. In order to help such people in the selection process and also other people looking for Omegle alternatives, here is a list of three chat services that are better than Omegle:

1. Chatroulette

The chat services are recognized by quality of members and not the quantity of members. Omegle has more users compared to Chatroulette, but the quality of users are significantly high in Chatroulette. Firstly, the rigid verification system keeps spammers away.

Compulsion of a cam tracks behaviour and engages people truly interested in the online chat or video chat. The age barrier of 18 years versus 13 years in Omegle also helps in engaging worthy people, rather than just perverts and spammers, who spoil the whole chat environment.

2. Tinychat

Tiny chat is basically an online webcam or chat room service. The website features easy access to chat rooms in a matter of few seconds. There is no need for one to login or sign up to get access to the chat rooms.

sites better than omegle

If you want to gain quick access to the chat rooms, without wasting too much time on formalities, Tinychat is the best portal. Further, paid features enable ad free, best high definition video chat room experience, none others can offer.

3. Wowchat

Wowchat is another site, which is certainly better than Omegle in the range of services it offers. Without becoming a member, one can use high definition video chat rooms, text or message chat, voice chat, etc.

Good camera quality and consistent user engagement has kept people interested in Wowchat more than Omegle. You can instantly access all these facilities, without any sign up or login. Webcam is mandatory on the site and helps distance spammers and perverts, to a great extent.

For people, who have limited themselves to Omegle, it is time to explore newer sites like the ones listed above. Quality members, simplicity of usage, faster access to new members, etc., distinguish these sites from Omegle.


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