Videochatus – Anonymous Video Chat without Registration

The Videochatus website is quick to load and there are very few formalities. In fact, you can just press the start button to begin video chatting instantly. There is no need for sign up, sign in, Facebook login, etc.

The webcam is the biggest identity portrayer here. The initial process is really simple and the site can be used for free. There are no annoying ads and the website looks pretty clean.

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Ease of moving forward

You can keep pressing the next button and easily move or navigate from one user to another. If you feel, you are being offended or you do not want to continue the chat just click the next button and move on to other people online.

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This feature surprisingly works really fast, actually better than other chat websites, which list this feature. It is a very good strategy to connect with new people quickly.

Webcam is a must!

The site is completely based on a web camera and there is no space for text chatting or voice chatting. This can have a different impact on different types of users. You can try usa chat now for text chat rooms.

Users, who wish to build a serious relationship will obviously like this feature, while people who want to maintain anonymity and have fun secretly, will certainly dislike this feature. This characteristic is completely subjective and depends on the user.

Good set of rules and guidelines

The chat website has made a good set of rules, which are displayed right in the home page. These rules have to be followed and people who breach rules are prohibited from the site. More stringent action is on cards, based on the type of rule breached.

This is a sincere effort to control nonsense behaviour on the site, which is more or less quite effective in this case. The chat environment is pretty clean and there has been overwhelming positive response from about 7 million regular users.

Women outnumber men

Since, the site is well held by rules, more women are interested to use this portal. Seriously interested and genuine people are known to interact here and therefore the crowd is small yet solves the objective of webcam chat.

This is the primary reason, why women have outnumbered men on this site. Hence, it can be said as a great site to make new friends in a clean environment.



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