Flipchat – Anonymous Video chatting Platform

Flipchat is a website for individuals to meet people from all over the world and also communicate with them through video chats. The interface and the website overview is of pleasant colors and easy to navigate through. This website also comes with a “add friend” option to make it easier for you to sort out your chat from the people you have befriended and the other random strangers that you choose to chat with.

You can either choose to start using the services of the website by signing up as a member simply as guest. The advantage of signing up as a member is that you will be allowed to access more features of the website. However, using the website as a guest also makes for a good experience.

FlipChat also offers you to filter your search on the basis of gender and geography. However, the geographical search is very limited as it only shows you two options- ‘India’ and “worldwide”. So, it reduces the chances of searching in any other geographical area, in particular, apart from India.

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The lack of any other customization features is the only drawback. There is also a ‘ring‘ feature, which makes it easier for you to call up the people on your friend list. The website also shows you a slide of the pictures of the people on this website. This gives you a rough image on the kind of people you can expect to find on this website.


One look at these pictures and you will also see for yourself that there is a lot of bad contents that you can easily find. Hence, this website is recommended for users above 18. However, this website also features a ‘block’ option, hence making it easier for you to block off stalkers and the people that you do not want to chat with anymore.

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The bottom line is that there are a decent number of users on Flip chat and it is a very easy to access website, giving you plenty of options to meet the people of your liking. Direct video chatting makes it easier for you to check who you are communicating with.

Check it outflipchat.com


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