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Loke is a video chat platform with many additional facilities. The sign up process is quite easy, as an individual can continue as a guest in seconds. An individual can also fill in some details, during the sign up process in order to realize far more customized services from the Loke Chat portal.

The site can be used to chat in different languages. It supports English, Hindi, Italian language, Portugal language and many more. Overall, it is quite suitable for identifying people from different parts of the world as the site is so flexible with the chat languages.

Low popularity

This website has been slightly popular or known in the Asian market, however the popularity isn’t even worth a percent, in comparison to various other chat sites. The number of online users are certainly affected because of this reason.

loke chat rooms

You might find a time period, where there are very few online users, who are already engaged with someone else. To address this issue of boredom, the site does has a few games to keep the online users integrated with the site, for a longer period of time.

Website view

This does add value to the site, but still the number of online users need to grow on a very huge scale, to captivate trust and reliability of people interested in developing new relationships.

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The website does list some ads in the sides, hindering the loading speed of the website. The website might struggle slightly on slow internet speeds. With adverts around, it does give a clean look and adverts do interrupt vision sometimes.

Unique features

There are some new additions to the portal, which include Avatar chat, which basically initiate chat in a particular background. It is a unique addition, which gives a feeling as though the chat is going on in a hotel or a living room or any other public place. Not often, people who chat can meet and visualize conversation at distinct places. Hence, these features have been successful in retaining customers.

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Webcam is compulsory to operate this site, as there is no text chat or voice facility. This helps in minimizing abusive interactions. The content on loke chat rooms isn’t rated and cannot be categorized safe for young people, by any means.

Visit: chat.loke.com


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